Not every company has a dedicated position just for event planning. Or that one employee in marketing that just seems to do it all.  Don’t dive the event management tasks between departments. Outsource your corporate event management needs for every major meeting, company party, or conference and let an experienced corporate event planner handle the logistics.

Hiring a good event planner requires you to know what to look for. Who is going to be a worthwhile investment that can help you achieve your company’s objectives? Who will understand your event audience and be able to work within your budget and time constraints?

You can’t hire just anyone.

Here are some traits you want to look for in an Event Planner:

Connections/vendor relationships

A reputable event management company will be well-connected. If you need a vendor, they should be able to find the perfect match in their list of contacts and may even be able to score you a deal on the services. 

You’ll be relying heavily on their recommendations for vendors. You need an event planner who can speak to the quality of the vendors and suppliers in your area.

Experience with your specific event type

If you are hosting a major conference and your prospective event planner has only ever planned corporate meetings and retreats, they won’t be the best fit. For instance, review their portfolio thoroughly. Feel free to ask them specifically about their experience planning similar events. You want to make sure they are comfortable handling the logistics that come along with your particular event.

Rear view of man gesturing with hand while standing against defocused group of people sitting at the chairs in front of him

Familiarity with event location

In some cases, you can hire an event planner to work with you remotely. If your event depends heavily on the surrounding infrastructure of a local venue, you’ll want to make sure the event coordinator is familiar with the location and surroundings.

You’ll want your event planner to be well-acquainted with the local public transportation, amenities, activities, hotels, and restaurants or catering services. 

Commitment to sustainability

In this age of climate change, hosting eco-friendly events is non-negotiable.  Therefore, look for an event planner that is familiar with sustainable events.

Check out our quick guide to hosting eco-friendly events to learn what you should look for in a planner.

Technology expertise

Corporate events often involve event management software of some kind. Conferences utilize registration and attendee tracking systems, and meetings may feature speakers and guests who are participating remotely through state-of-the-art virtual meeting software. 

Make sure your planner is up to speed with all of the latest and greatest meeting and event technology. Now we can use facial recognition to check guests in to our events and talk to each other. This improves check in, feedback and security at your event. Check out this facial recognition app:

Organization skills

You want your corporate event planner to have exceptional organizational skills. Test their organizational skills by reviewing their website and asking about their planning process. Make sure pay attention their work style early on.

Pay attention to their initial email communication style. Are they slow to follow up? Are they too vague?

Having a smart, detail-oriented and tech-savvy event planner can make all the difference!

Halcyon is a great place to begin, and end your search!