People make the event.  You can have the most exciting agenda, delicious catering, and world-class speakers or entertainment, but if your attendees aren’t having a good time, your event will fall flat.

Whether you’re hosting a routine meeting, company holiday party, or a brand new corporate event, you’ll need to design an event that captures and holds the attendees’ attention from the minute they walk into the venue.

For a high-energy event, consider following some of these tips:

Turn up the music 

Curate a playlist of energizing music to play before the event begins and in between transitions. Whenever there aren’t speeches or presentations going on, during meals, you can play with varying volumes and genres of music to suit the mood of the event. Here are some ideas for energetic work friendly songs to start off your playlist,

Include breaks

Attention spans are shorter than ever, so much of your event will be lost on your attendees if you expect them to remain a captive audience for a long period of time. Schedule breaks at appropriate times to break up the event, especially if it is a meeting or a conference where everyone is listening to a speaker or presenter. Insert short coffee breaks along with a lunch break into the agenda. If you’re working with a corporate event planner, they can help you sort out the details.

Host engaging activities

It’s easy for your attendees to feel sleepy if they aren’t required to actively participate at the meeting or event. So don’t just talk at them. Involve them in the conversation by posing questions, leaving time for Q&A’s, and asking for feedback.

If it’s a meeting or company party, begin the event with icebreakers. You can also gamify the experience if possible. Turn a typical meeting into a game of Jeopardy to keep everyone engaged.

Get everyone moving

Instead of immediately asking everyone to take their seats, start the meeting or event off with a bang. Incorporate a movement exercise, quick stretching session, or a game that requires everyone to be up on their feet.

Or, forgo chairs altogether. Make your event “standing room” only like a concert. 

Use tall cocktail rounds for a company party, but of course, offer seating for breaks and meals.

Keep everyone caffeinated

An obvious energy-boosting solution, coffee and tea are must-haves for all corporate meetings and events held before evening hours. Ditch the boring office Keurig and set up a craft coffee and tea bar. You can also hire an espresso cart service if you don’t have the equipment to arrange your own. Your event coordinator can help you find the perfect vendor to work with that is within your budget.

Make it a phone-free event

Keep your event distraction-free. People can tend to zone out if they have access to their smartphones during an event, so ask everyone to turn off their devices before entering the venue.

The energy your attendees bring to your corporate event is everything. Keep it up by incorporating some of these ideas. Your event planner will also be able to offer some tips on how to design an engaging event.