Your next executive event, team building activity, company dinner, or employee appreciation event is coming up, and first things first– you need a venue. The place you choose to hold your next event can make or break it, so the venue selection must be a well-informed decision in your corporate event planning process.

No matter the type of corporate event you are hosting, there are a few basic considerations when choosing a venue that are applicable across the board.

When you opt to work with an experienced event planner like Halcyon, you can be assured we will find a venue that meets all of your event needs, so you can be confident that your event will run smoothly and successfully.

Here is a checklist of things to consider and some necessary questions to ask when searching for the perfect venue for your corporate event:


Your ideal corporate event venue will fit the number of attendees you are expecting (and then some). This will allow you to comfortably conduct all activities on the agenda. Map out your event from start to finish. Include breakout sessions and meals, so that you can have a clear idea of the space you need before you begin your venue search.

Audio-visual capabilities and wifi

Chances are, you’re going to need Internet access for your event. Be sure to get a clear picture of the wifi situation at your selected venue. Will it cost extra? Is there a special access code? Is it spotty in some rooms and better than others?

 If your event features presentations, guest speakers, or anything else that involves microphones, projectors, and speakers, you’ll need to find out how much equipment the venue can provide and how much you will need to rent out.

Often times, venues have preferred A/V companies that they work with exclusively, so you’ll want to ask about that when checking out the venue to make sure that particular A/V vendor can meet your event needs. 

Seating arrangements

Determine what kind of seating arrangement best fits your event. In planning interactive workshops or team building activities, a classroom configuration might work best. For a conference, theater style seating might be better. And to plan an elegant corporate dinner, you may want a mix of round tables and cocktail rounds. For breakout sessions and various activities, try to find a venue in which the seating arrangements can be easily adjusted.


Does it make sense for guests to stay onsite? For an executive retreat or conference, it may be most practical to rent out room blocks for your employees and other attendees. Ask your potential venue about their room availability, booking policies, and attrition rates. We’ll make sure to ask all of the right questions and help you get the best deal for your event.

Location, location, location

Consider the time, costs, and carbon emissions associated with traveling to each particular venue location.

Also consider the surrounding area. What restaurants and ancillary activities are available nearby? Is there access to sightseeing and public transportation?

Let Us Help!

Here at Halcyon Events, it’s our job to help you weigh all of these considerations. We can hep that you can find your ideal venue for your next corporate meeting or event. We’ll help you find the perfect options to fit your budget and event agenda.