What is the atmosphere like at the office? Perhaps it’s starting to feel like it’s work, work, and more work all the time, and a good number of your employers are always drained? Well, yes, of course, they would be! Both mentally and physically, and it’s starting to show! Work becomes a drag, everybody’s slouching, and the atmosphere is beginning to get pretty pensive at the office. That’s not great for morale and can be indicative of the need for a “Time Out”.

This should not be a boring time out that would make your employees feel like they’re still at work; it has got to be something exciting, explosive, and interactive that would pick up their spirits again. This not only helps to boost the company culture but would also be an excellent team-building activity.

Team building activities help to solidify team spirit and help to pick up mental alertness levels. Your employees will thank you for it, and productivity would skyrocket. Here are the top 10 most creative team building activities for you corporate event planner to incorporate into your corporate event.

Top 10 Team Building Activities

1.Lunch Break Trivia.

Nothing feels like time away from the office more than recreating fun times your employees usually have on their personal Friday nights out. Now, since the goal is to have more fun than task the brain, your trivia questions need to be easy and social.

Your event coordinator should see to it that whoever sets the questions does not make it work-related, but easy everyday questions that the employees would have fun answering, with just a hint of challenge. They may start with easy questions and build up to somewhat tougher ones that would make them stop and think.

This activity is to ease up the tension and break the ice among colleagues during a corporate event. If you’re not sure how to create trivia questions, start with a popular category like movies! You can get a few ideas for awesome movie trivia questions and answers here: https://parade.com/977752/samuelmurrian/movie-trivia/

2. Magazine Story

This is an essential visualization technique that promotes thinking big and thinking positively. It takes about 60 – 90minutes to play. In this activity, your employees team up to create a magazine cover story about the company or a team project. Teams of 3-6 players come up with a magazine cover, cover story headline, the best images, quotes, sidebar highlights, et cetera.

This activity would be suitable for corporate events like company retreats. Your company’s event management team may come up with some corporate event gifts for the team that does best.

3. Odd Couples

This activity works well for teams that have people with distinctly different personalities. It works great as an employee appreciation technique, and also improves bonding and communication skills. Participants in this activity are paired with “odd couple” items that don’t fit, such as “Peanut butter and Pepper,” then they have to mingle with the other employees to find the right matches to their names.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

This team-building activity helps with bonding and communication. It’s an excellent opening for a cocktail party, where employees have to write two truths about themselves and one lie on a piece of paper. Then they have to try to convince their partner that the lie is a truth.

5. Problem Solving Activity

This activity encourages creative thinking and trust among employees. The goal is to create teams with four players that will invent a solution to any problem of their choice. At the end of the hour, they make a presentation about the problem and how they would solve it. An excellent activity for corporate events such as company workshops.

6. Picture Pieces Game

This team activity teaches about how each person’s contribution in the office makes a much more significant impact than they know. Each participant has to recreate a puzzle piece that they’ve been given and then enlarge it 3-5 times bigger than the smaller piece they have.

The piece must be from a detailed picture that everyone can see. Once everyone is done, the enlarged pieces are then assembled to create a bigger picture.

7. Lip-Sync Battle

You would need a large room for this. Have the employees get prepared to battle for the top spot. Teams of 3-4 should form a band, complete with drummers and guitarists. Allow them some time to rehearse, and then perform a lip-sync of any song they choose. If they wish, they can wear props for effect. Only members of the opposing bands are allowed to vote on the winner. This is a great team bonding exercise.

8. Community Service

Your event planner will be a great help with this one. This team-building activity breeds communication and bonding among team members. It also gives them a tremendous out-of-work experience where they can have fun while still reflecting the company values and morals. Perhaps, a beach or park clean up activity would be helpful.

9. Employee Choice Awards

Yes! Some employee recognition would be great to boost morale. Employee appreciation can be made into a fun awards night where they dress nicely and attend the short, but fun award-giving party. It doesn’t have to be a stiff black-tie party; it can be casual, with a few drinks and eatables on a Friday night. This corporate event is set aside to honor the employees of the months. It can be held every six months.

10. Company Party!

A company party is the ultimate unwinder that your team needs. Many employees would not pass up the opportunity to take a break at a good party. You simply have to hand over the reins to an event management company and relax while they plan and handle the event. Many event companies offer great corporate event packages so you can readily find one that matches your budget. It’s a no-brainer.

Ready? Go Team!

All these team building activities are designed to bring employees the utmost form of relaxation and promote company growth. If they are coordinated well, they are usually fun and entertaining, which is excellent news. Now your employees no longer have to grumble and groan whenever you call for a “Time Out!”